How to remove background from image

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Creating amazing designs using the Desygner platform is a breeze, but we are hearing more and more from our awesome customers asking us if there is a way that they can remove backgrounds from images, for free.

We are always here to help you create beautiful designs as simply and quickly as possible. So we are going to show you how to remove backgrounds from images, using a simple online design tool that we just love here at Desygner.

1. Open this design tool in your browser

Memorize the name, since this will become one of your favorite online design tools. Although currently it’s only available in English, it’s very easy to use and anyone is able to completely remove a background from an image.

Remove background from image2. Image Requirements

  • Contrast: An image with high contrast between the foreground and the background will always look much better.
  • Correct Orientation: Results are best met if they match gravity (meaning, the ground is at the bottom of the image).
  • Blurred, single-color backgrounds are easier to remove than sharp, highly-detailed backgrounds.
  • Blurred Background: If the foreground is sharp, it can be removed.

For example, a landscape will be difficult since it usually has many details.

Remove background from image

3. Import your images

  1. Just click on “Upload image”.
  2. Choose the image you want from your computer. You can also add a URL.
  3. Once the process has finished, click on “Download”.
  4. The image without a background will automatically be saved in the “Downloads” folder.

We have chosen these two images:

Remove background from image

4. Import your new image without a background to Desygner

Once you have removed the background from the image and it has been imported into our free online image editor, the best part is about to begin! It’s time to let loose of your creativity and start creating stunning designs.

You can change the background color, add icons, texts and a new background from our image gallery for free.

4.1 Change Background Color

  1. Select the background.
  2. Change the color in the top toolbar.

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4.2 Add images and create amazing designs!

Now that you have removed the background from image, you’re now able to add new pictures while having fun in the process.

  1. Click on the imported images to include them in your design.
  2. Move and place these images as you like.
  3. Select a background image from our image gallery.
  4. Download your watermark-free design without spending a dime!



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