10 Key Benefits of Using Video Asset Management

10 Key Benefits of Using Video Asset Management

Let’s start with the basics: “What is digital asset management?”

Digital Asset Management (more commonly referred to as DAM) consists of software that makes compiling, organizing, finding, and using digital media assets easier for businesses.

DAM can be applied to any software solution built to store content- whether it’s purpose-built for that intent or not. This content may include – but is not limited to – videos, email campaigns, articles, and marketing materials. 

You’ve probably gotten the gist of Digital Asset Management software by now. Without further ado, let’s dive into how DAM can help you!

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How Does DAM Software Aid you In Video Asset Management?

1. It Provides You With a Centralized Repository

Imagine accessing any video content from any location in the world. Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?

With DAM, this becomes a reality. By storing all of your video assets in a single cloud-based location, you’re guaranteeing that anyone from your team can access the data no matter where in the world they’re working from. 

Given the recent work-from-home trends, you can now easily implement such a structure to your business model without worrying about how to synchronize video assets.

DAM Software Provides You With a Centralized Repository

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2. Enhances Asset’s Discoverability

Incorporating a video asset management system can exponentially improve your digital asset’s discoverability. This is accomplished by using a central DAM repository, searchable keywords, embedded metadata, and so forth. 

With enhanced text-based searching and filtering, you’ll be better positioned to improve the workflow in your business and reduce costly mistakes and errors. Lastly, reduced search time will undoubtedly improve consumer perception and satisfaction.


3. Streamlines Video Sharing

With video asset management software, sharing assets is a breeze. Traditional forms of sharing data, such as email attachments or cloud-based solutions, often come with a data limit. On the other hand, using DAMs, users can easily send entire videos—no matter the size!

video asset management streamlines video sharing


4. Aids in Preventing Video Duplicates

With DAM, you can verify that a certain video file is only uploaded once. After all, having multiple copies of video files can unnecessarily take up many GB’s worth of space on both servers and users’ computers.

DAM tags video files to multiple categories, freeing up space while ensuring proper storage and organization with the central data repository.


5. Allows for Controlled Data Access

One of the greatest drawbacks of cloud-based storage solutions and arguably the greatest benefit of DAM – lies in the fact that, unlike cloud-based storage solutions like OneDrive or Google Drive, a DAM doesn’t take an “all or nothing” approach. 

To delve into depth, this means that administrators can set up user permissions and categories specific to each department by using digital asset management software.

Not only can you control who can access certain data, but you can also control the actions that a specific user with said data can perform. Confidentiality comes built-in with more control over who can access what data.

Limiting access to the entire repository will make it easier for users to search for necessary video files.

video asset management allows for controlled data access

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The Effects Of Digital Asset Management

With all these benefits, DAM is bound to affect your business for the better. Below we’ve listed ways how your business will benefit by using DAM for video asset management: 

1. Save More Time

When it comes to business productivity, time is of the essence. Using video asset management software, you can speed up workflows by increasing much-desired automation. The result? Consistently high-quality products in a reduced time span.

The perks don’t end here. With DAM, you can cut back the hours spent in needless back-and-forth email threads with a single source of truth, enabling real-time collaboration.


2. Expand Your Budget

Creating and re-creating media assets is a vexing task. This troublesome annoyance often plagues many businesses. However, you can effortlessly avoid wasting both time and money re-creating media assets such as videos and duplicating your team’s work using DAM software.

With DAM, you’ll have a platform to consolidate your budget and content marketing plans. You’ll never have to think twice about resource allocation by giving you a bird’s-eye view of your entire marketing content plan. Say goodbye to missed deadlines!

Expand your budget with video asset management


3. Make Digital Content Accessible

One of the greatest benefits associated with digital content stem from its accessibility. This is in part, what makes digital content stand out from the more traditional, physical content.

Using a suitable DAM platform such as Desygner, you can organize content, tag relevant users, and share assets to get the right content to the right people. What’s more, you can enable permissions to control how your digital content is used. 

The result? A widely accessible array of digital data that is controlled strictly by you and you only.


4. Single Umbrella Software Solution

 Using multiple tools for tasks such as content storage, file sharing, and collaboration has become a thing of the past. By incorporating DAM software into your business, you can bid adieu to use multiple different software tools for day-to-day tasks!

By creating and utilizing a software solution that centralizes the components of each tool, you’ll be better equipped to handle different situations. Multiple software tools increase redundancy: not only does this incur unnecessary expenses with licensing fees, but it may also create opportunities for inconsistency in assets, data, and information. 

By consolidating all the different software tools into one umbrella software solution such as Desygner, you’ll make your life hassle-free, saving money and improving content management while upholding brand consistency. 

Desygner is a single software solution for content creation

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5. Explore New Possibilities

With the time and budget freed up from using DAM, you’ll be empowered to test new and different use cases, seeing what works best for you.

Efficiency and productivity are bound to increase, and getting products across the finish line will no longer be an uphill task. To sum it up, with all these benefits, you can set yourself at ease knowing that you have the advantage over all your competitors when it comes to digital asset management.


Final Thoughts

Were you aware that employees spend more than 25% of their entire time simply searching for information required to carry out their jobs? You can reduce this drastically with digital asset management software!

However, the benefits of DAM don’t end here. Whether you want to improve productivity, introduce remote work, or speed up asset searching, Desygner’s digital asset management software solution is the way. After all, video assets are being used ever more frequently for graphic design in businesses.

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