10 Beautiful Fonts Pairing in Desygner by Maryam Kamal

beautiful fonts pairs

Nowadays, with so many professional and free fonts being offered, it can get quite confusing to decide which fonts pair well together for your design project. Choosing a pair that complement each other and not battle for attention is an art.

Need some font inspiration for your next design project? Worry no more! Today, I will give you some key rules for pairing fonts and 10 of my favourites to get you going.

Let’s start with my top four rules for pairing fonts

  1. Combine a serif with sans serif: Running out of time to choose your combination? This should be your quick, go-to pair as they pair easily and it’s difficult to make a mistake when pairing these font types. Embrace contrasting sizes, as this combination is easy to read in large amounts of text.
  2. Create contrast: This can be achieved in a number of ways through style, size, spacing, and weight. For example, a thick script looks great with a thin sans.
  3. Don’t mix too many fonts: I like to limit to a maximum of three fonts on the same page/ in the same area. Mixing more than this can make it confusing and challenging to read. However, if you decide to go for more, the desired look should remain the same and not become cluttered or conflicting.
  4. Choose complementary fonts: As seen in people, opposites attract. Pair a bold display font with a thin, neutral typeface. You want to make sure that the overall vibe of your pair complements the purpose of your design.

Practice makes perfect!

The more you work with pairing fonts in your design projects the more you grasp a feel of how it works! You will start to develop an eye for what works and what doesn’t.

Next, my top 10 font pairs

In my top 10 font pairs list, there’s something for every project. Just take a look and see what inspires you and what you think could match your design project.

Sunkissed x Font Duo

Grab your sunscreen and your favorite shades while I introduce you to the all-new Sunkissed x Font Duo! The realistic watercolor and texture of the fonts add extra originality and character other fonts can’t offer. Type away in a watercolor font without having to worry about painting skills! The stylish, textured script was designed to complement the watercolor sans font, but it looks amazing on its own as well.

beautiful fonts
Font offered by Maryam for Desygner – @Etsy Shop


Great Vibes & Julius Sans One

A super elegant and sophisticated font pair, perfect for creating wedding stationery, invitations, card tables, etc. Both fonts complement each other really well and give off very romantic and graceful vibes. It mimics a hand-lettered look without having to hire a bridal calligrapher!

free fonts

Emily’s Candy & Nixie One

A curly, twirly, and girly font duo, I would love to use this font combination for branding something with a younger female audience. The subtle imperfections on the edges and the curls in Emily’s Candy give it a statement look. Pair it with a more neutral serif like Nixie One because only one can steer the ship!

free fonts

Permanent Marker & The architect’s daughter

Introducing your classic marker font duo, a casual and laid back font combination with loads of texture. This is a perfect font pair if you are looking to design a poster or flyer and make it look personalized. Pair the thick marker type with a thin script font to keep an overall natural and relaxed feel.

free fonts

Abril Fatface & Dancing script

Are you looking for a classic yet modern font duo? Look no further! This dynamic font duo is perfect for fashion bloggers. Create bold, gorgeous headlines and elegant designs. The contrasting font duo gives a mature and feminine look for logos, holiday cards, wedding invitations, quotes, advertisements, and more!

beautiful fonts for free

Peachy Keen Font Collection

Introducing the all-new Peachy Keen Font Collection! A hand-painted font collection with oodles of texture and sass! Includes a stylish hand-painted script and a complementary stencil serif, both provided in SVG and regular font types. The collection was designed to be rich in texture and character. With built-in opentype features, this font comes to life as if you’ve painted it yourself!

Get your hands on the Peachy Keen Font Collection and go wild using it for your next projects!

beautiful fonts for free

Design Online For Free

Oregano & Railway

A stylish, modern font duo consisting of a natural handwritten script and a refined, elegant sans font. Perfect for making bold stylish statements – or adding a touch of class to your designs. Raleway is a highly versatile sans that can be paired with many other fonts.

beautiful free fonts

Special Elite & Coming Soon

A casual typewriter font will make a gorgeous vintage statement in any retro designs. If a grungy and distressed typewriter feel is what you’re after, you can’t go wrong by pairing it with another casual font like Coming Soon for an authentic feel.

free fonts

Grand Hotel & Open Sans

A handwritten inspired script with a vintage flair and playful twist. Grand Hotel was inspired by movie titles of the 30s. This condensed, upright, connecting script has a classic vibe to it. It has a wonderful weight that inspires bakery and holiday designs.

The thickness of the script is perfect for creating wordmarks and logos. Pair it with a contrasting but classic neutral font like Open Sans.

free fonts

Goal Digger Font Collection

A super-textured, hand-drawn collection with filled and outline letters available in SVG and Regular font types. The Goal Digger Collection was designed to be rich in texture with a sweet vintage twist. It includes 13+ stylish crayon swashes to vamp up your designs.

With built-in opentype features, this font comes to life as if you’ve hand-drawn it yourself. Simply overlap the outline and fill font versions for a cool, home-made look!

beautiful fonts

So use your creative intuition, experiment, and take risks. Take these tips for inspiration and as a starting point and use them if they work for you but don’t let it limit your creativity.

Get involved

Got a favorite font pair? Comment below to let us know which of these inspired you the most! And, most of all, get creating to see what great font-pairing you can do with Maryam’s fab font tips.


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Happy Creating!
Maryam x

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