The Benefits of Using Stock Photography

Before reading a line of text, your audience is inclined to look at the images that accompany your content. They also make presumptions based on first impressions on whether or not they want to engage with your brand.

Using a photograph in a presentation or a social media post has an instant impact. It’s among the most straightforward additions one can make when you consider it. Whether you work for a large enterprise company or a burgeoning startup business, you have probably spent too much time looking over Google Images and have settled on a bland, low-quality picture that does not look very good.

Since investing big bucks and hours on sourcing a single photograph is not feasible, stock photos offer high-quality and non-cheesy visuals to your content. This post is all about how stock photos can help your business. So let’s dive in.

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What are Stock Photos?

Before we start, we need to learn what stock photos are. Stock photography relates to the supply of licensed images for creative or business purposes.

Businesses can use royalty-free images in different marketing designs, social media posts, landing websites, advertising, and many more. Desygner provides you with millions of royalty-free stock photos that could prove highly beneficial for your business’s content creation endeavors. TIP: Use our social media post maker with the royality-free images to make unique and engaging content.

The customer and the photographer are generally the two parties engaged in stock photography. The image creator uploads and is paid a portion after their photos are purchased and downloaded, whereas you (the customer) browse and purchase the pictures. The majority of stock photo providers work on a membership or credit basis.

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Benefits of Using Stock Photos

We are in a virtual universe. High-quality images and graphics are in demand offline and online. This is particularly the case in print and digital advertising, where quality pictures are essential for a successful campaign.

Choosing appropriate photos with the right colors for your brand is almost as crucial. Businesses today require visual content for all sorts of outreach, ranging from branded websites, email campaigns, press releases, blog posts, and social media accounts.

Stock photography has made purchasing photographs more effortless than ever before. We have compiled a list of five advantages of using stock photos.


1. Stock Photos Provide a Lot of Choices

Using a stock image source like Desygner gives you access to many photographs, regardless of what you are looking for. Since most of the treasure is in one location, whether you are searching for a single picture or a collection of stock images, image search engines and algorithms make it simple to explore the content until you locate the perfect shot.

You can browse Desygner’s royalty-free image library for this purpose. When you subscribe to Pro+ with Desygner, you gain access to millions of pictures, graphics, illustrations, and vectors, as well as additional creation tools.

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2. Give You the Right to Use Intellectual Property 

Purchasing stock photography ensures that you have a valid license to use the pictures in any manner you desire. The subscription packages make choosing the valid credentials for your photograph simple. 

A rights-managed license allows you to select all of the usage specifics you require, ensuring that you are protected for your unique use.

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3. Save Time

If you want a picture immediately and do not have the time to hire and engage a photographer, stock photographs are convenient. Purchasing an image is a quick and easy process. The best part about buying an image online is that you can immediately download it, making it available to be used the moment you pay.

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4. High-Resolution Pictures at Your Fingertips

All photographs are subjected to technical inspections to ensure that they match our clients’ high expectations for image quality. This implies you will never be out of high-quality photographs because there’s lots of high-resolution photography at your disposal. Different file sizes are also available to ensure that the photos you see meet your requirements.

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5. Before you purchase, you can test the photograph

Before purchasing a picture, you can sample it to test whether it will work with your project. This would save you time and expense because you can preview various photos to evaluate how they function in your design and spend on the one that fits best.

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Why Use Stock Photos?

First and foremost, let’s go over why you definitely must master graphical production to boost your business. Increased demand for high-resolution photographs is mostly thought to be due to the following reasons:

  • When combined with a visual, people can remember up to 65% more information.
  • Consumers follow instructions better when they have text and graphics than when they do not.
  • On Facebook, posts with photographs have a 2-3x increase in interaction.
  • Tweets featuring graphics are likely to get more retweets on Twitter.
  • The brain processes images 60,000x faster than words, and visual learners account for 65 percent of the population.
  • Visuals improve the attraction of textual material by 80%.
  • 63% of users believe the product picture is more important than the descriptions.
  • When settling on a purchase, 67% of consumers looked at the product image.
  • Articles using graphics receive a whopping 94% increase in views.
Sources: Moly St. Louis, How to Spot Visual, Auditory, and Kinesthetic Learning Executives. Belle Beth Cooper, Facebook Statistics You Should Know for a More Engaging Page. Jesse Mawhinney, 50 Visual Content Marketing Statistics 2021, Hubspot.

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Can Stock Photographs Harm Brand Reputation?

Using stock photographs will not harm your brand presence as long as they suit your needs. It is crucial to remember that stock photographs should fit your narrative and be consistent with the purpose or appeal to your intended audience when employing them.

Final Thoughts

Stock photographs can be beneficial if you own an enterprise, a weblog, a graphic artist, a student, or a social media personality. The accessibility and wide assortment of stock photographs can also considerably aid web designers, and mobile application developers improve their projects.

Head to Desygner’s Instagram, Facebook, Linked-in, and YouTube accounts for more tips and insights on stock photos.

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