11 Free Stock Photo Sites to Get High-Quality Images 2022

10 Free Stock Photo Sites to Get High-Quality Images 2022

Whether you’re trying to create an engaging blog post or want to spice up your social media images, stock photos are a fantastic way to do it. Free stock photo sites allow business owners to use high-quality, royalty-free images wherever they need them without allocating a budget for it every month.

We all know that photos are a powerful way to catch attention. Photos proved that they could increase engagement in content. That’s because the human brain processes visuals much faster than written text. So, it’s no wonder that business owners are always trying to find the best photos for their content and marketing materials.

So, if you’re looking to take your visuals to the next level, here are the eleven best free stock photo sites to help you do that.


1. Desygner

Desygner sources images from multiple royalty-free sites, such as Pixabay, Photodexia, and Unsplash.  There’s no need to download the stock photos you found on one of these sites and reupload them to the editor. You can find the highest quality, royalty-free images to customize your designs by searching directly with Desygner.

In addition, you can access and purchase premium images directly from Desygner. When you buy an image, you will get the license for the image, which will be stored as brand assets within Desygner.

What’s more, Desygner offers a variety of advanced design and photo editing tools that you can use to improve your images directly in the editor – whether they were taken by you or downloaded from a stock photo site. Free vectors, illustrations, and shapes are also available to enhance your artwork.

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2. Pexels

Pexels is an excellent resource for high-quality, high-resolution stock images. Although Pexels has a vast library of over 3 million photos, the site’s interface makes finding what you’re looking for easy. For example, the search bar lets you type in a keyword and narrow the results by selecting an option from drop-down menus that specify the most relevant category and color. Pexels also enables you to choose the size you want to download your photo.

10 Best Free Stock Photo Sites, Photo by Nandhu Kumar from Pexel

Source: Photo by Nandhu Kumar from Pexel


3. Pixabay 

Pixabay is more than a free stock photo hosting and sharing site. It’s an online community that provides its members with the means to upload and share their photos, illustrations, and videos.  These talented photographers and illustrators generously share their work under the CC0 license.

10 Best Free Stock Photo Sites, Photo by Sasin Tipchai from Pixabay

Source: Photo by Sasin Tipchai from Pixabay


4. Unsplash 

Unsplash provides free, high-resolution photos for creative use. It has a library of over 300,000 images available to download and use in any way you see fit. All images on Unsplash are under the Creative Commons License (CC0). This means you can use them however you want without attribution or permission, whether for personal or professional design projects.

10 Best Free Stock Photo Sites, Photo by Andréas BRUN from Unsplash

Source: Photo by Andréas BRUN from Unsplash


5. Freepik 

Freepik is a free stock photo site that offers users a library of visual content for graphic design that includes stock photos, PSD mockups, vectors, and templates. However, Freepik isn’t offering any free images. Instead, their photos come from other free stock photo sites that offer their own images without copyright restrictions. So, while they are technically “free,” there’s usually some attribution requirement attached to the photograph, which means that you must credit the source when using it.

Photo from Freepik

Source: Freepik


6. Vecteezy

Vecteezy is an excellent resource for those looking for vector art, icons, and logos. Vecteezy also has a vast selection of quality images free for personal and commercial use. In addition, the site offers a premium option for those who want higher-resolution files or want to avoid attribution requirements.

Photo by foxarthappy from Vecteezy

Source: Photo by foxarthappy from Vecteezy


7. Photodexia 

Photodexia is one of the leading free stock photo sites with an extensive library of high-resolution images, illustrations, and vectors available throughout the web. All photos uploaded in Photodexia are under the CC0 license. Photodexia’s goal is to make it easy for anyone to find high-quality photos that fit their needs.

Photo from Photodexia

Source: Photodexia


8. Pikwizard

If you’re after truly stunning free photos, Pikwizard is a must-see. They offer over 1 million free stock photos and videos worldwide. The collection is updated frequently, so be sure to check back often. All their media is under the CC0 license, so you can use them however you want without any attribution required.

10 Best Free Stock Photo Sites in 2022, Photo from Pikwizard

Source: Pikwizard


9. Rawpixel 

Rawpixel is a fantastic resource for design and marketing teams who need quality photography and design materials. Rawpixel has a huge collection of images, with over 1 million photos, vector graphics, templates, PSD mockups, and design add-ons available for download. Although the platform offers some of their photos for free, a premium subscription will give you access to all of their images and design elements.

Source: Rawpixel


10. Picspree 

Picspree is a collection of beautiful, high-resolution photos. You can download photos with a single click without going through the various licensing agreements on each image. Picspree is formed by a community of photographers and talented enthusiasts who offer their work under Creative Commons licenses so that you can use it for any personal or commercial purpose.

10 Best Free Stock Photo Sites, Photo by Picspree

Source: Picspree


11. Picjumbo

Picjumbo is an image site, but unlike most others, it’s not a search engine that pulls images from all over the web. Instead, the site’s founder – a Czech photographer, Viktor Hanacek – takes all the photos himself. You can download them completely free to use on your website or blog. The images are organized into different categories, and they’re updated regularly, so you’ll have plenty to choose from.

Photo by Viktor Hanacek from Picjumbo

Source: Photo by Viktor Hanacek from Picjumbo

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