How to Create a Valentine’s Card Online

I don’t know about you, but browsing shops for a Valentine’s Day card is rather uninspiring. The generic cards just don’t cut it for me or seem to match what I’m trying to portray to my partner, nor inspire my partner’s likes and personality.

Plus, what if you want to send platonic and family Valentine’s Day cards to friends and family, too? Where do you find those? That’s why it’s important to send your love the personalized way. 

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1. Love grows, and so does our range of beautiful Valentine’s Day card templates

First, you need to find Valentine’s day template that you think best suits your personality and loves style. Then, all you need to do is customize and personalize your template to make it perfect.

There’s a template for every style of love:

  • Gooey or Goofy.
  • Old-fashioned.
  • Romantic or Platonic.
  • Also, you can start with a blank template.


2. Love brings joy so write the words that best unveil your heart

Shop-bought Valentine’s Day cards could never say the things you most want to say to your beloved on Valentine’s Day. So, write the best message on the card you create. Embrace poetic license as you write; it’ll make them most happy to hear your voice on the card they receive. Desygner has fonts that fit all love-letter needs.

Add and edit text directly onto the canvas:

1. If you’re using a template, double-click the text you want to edit.
2. If you want to add new text, click ‘Text’ in the left-hand menu. Then, click on the “Edit text” icon.
3. Type in your desired message.
4. Change the text color to make sure it is easy to read and stands out from the background.

More: If you’re a business and unsure what to write, we got you! Valentine’s Day Captions to show your customers appreciation. 


3. Love matters so add the best Valentines Day images

Someone said love is blind but how can it be when images remind us of times we spent with our loved ones and we could stare at the photos we took with them for hours? That’s why you need to add the perfect image to your personalized Valentine’s Day card. Fortunately for you, we’ve got just the solution to make it special.

Get your Valentine’s stock images here:

1. Select the default background image.
2. Click on “Images” in the menu.
3. There’s a tab that says “Stock” where you’ll type a keyword for your poster theme.
4. Choose, then click the little symbol in the image box with the 9 little squares for ‘Use as background’.
4. Upload you own image: click on “Images” in the left-hand menu. Under ‘Add’, you will be able to upload images from your device.


Want to create a collage card to give them?

Who doesn’t like photo collages to take a trip down memory lane?

A collage of personal photos of you and your loved one is sure to be a hit. To make Valentine’s card with a collage, choose from one of our collage templates, upload your favorite photos, replace the original template photos, and there you have it. Something super special.


4. Valentine’s icons can love up any card design!

Add extra love and fun to your personalized Valentine’s Day card with icons; they can really bring depth or fun to a design.

1. Browse through ‘Icons’- try typing ‘Valentine’s’ or ‘Love’ to search.
2. Choose and customize your chosen icon. Insert it into your design and change the position and size of the icon. You can also change the color by selecting ‘Fill color’.

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5. Print and share your Valentine’s Day card

You’ve worked hard to create a beautiful, personal Valentine’s Day card. Now it’s time to get it printed or send it to your loved one online.

Print your card yourself

You can download your Valentine’s Day card as an image (jpg) with custom quality and file sizes.

1. Select ‘Download’ in the top-right corner of the editor.
2. Select your presets and click ‘Start Download’.
3. Print on your printer and admire your designing skills with excitement that your loved one will love it too!

Download and share your posters on social media

Want to send your loved one online or share Valentine’s spirit on social media?

1. In the upper right-hand corner, click on the “Share” button.
2. Once you’ve selected your design, the mobile sharing options will appear below.
3. Choose an option before adding your social network, then share on either social media, WhatsApp, or email.


Get involved

What’s your favorite Valentine’s day quote to add to romantic cards and gifts? Comment below!

Enjoy making a Valentine’s Day card and have someone’s birthday coming up soon? Get making birthday cards with our birthday card templates, too!

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