6 Dental Marketing Content Ideas 2022

6 Dental Marketing Content Ideas 2022

Does your dental business feel a bit dry lately? The COVID/Post-COVID era has seen many thriving service-oriented businesses end up closing. To avoid such a fate for your dental practice, we’ll be discussing the 6 best dental marketing content ideas for your business to grow!

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Dental Content Marketing: The Why

Let’s stop beating about the bush and get straight to the point: “Why do you need dental content marketing?”

As with any business, a content marketing strategy is of multifold benefits. From informing your target audience to expanding your reach, your business can grow leaps and bounds through dental content marketing!

People always seek out information. In today’s digital age, most people gather information through search engines. 

Creating content provides your audience with answers to any and all of their questions. Be it reading an article, watching a video, or even listening to a podcast. Utilize content to quench your target audience’s thirst for knowledge.

Not only will your customer engagement increase, but your business will also be seen in a more positive light. Similarly, by producing content, your business will benefit from increased customer engagement: more social media posts mean people have more content to interact with! To sum it up, the benefits of creating new content are neigh endless!

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Dental Content Marketing: The How

1. Daily Dental Tips on Social Media

In today’s day and age, social media is nigh inescapable-quite like tooth decay if you don’t brush!

According to the Datareportal Global Overview report for 2021, roughly 4.2 billion people use social media worldwide. 

No matter where your dental practice may be located, if you’re not utilizing social media, then we’re afraid to tell you that you’re probably missing out on many potential patients. 

That being said, everyone loves a few handy tips and tricks for everyday tasks, especially ones that help you improve your lifestyle even by a bit. Dental health is no different. In the age of social media, one can not underestimate the power of having daily content that teaches someone a tip that could easily be integrated with their day-to-day routine. 

With social media, you can boost your brand awareness and improve your online reputation. Furthermore, it’s a highly effective way of improving your customer engagement. For starters, you’ll ideally want to find out who your target audience is. Depending on the population segment that compromises your customers, you’ll know which social media platforms will yield the most significant returns.

However, it’s also true that you’ll be targeting more than one demographic, so you’ll need to establish social media presence across multiple platforms.

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2. Clinic Tour Videos

Who doesn’t like an awesome tour video? Nobody. All sorts of businesses conduct tours whether it is in their factories, gamers showing around their setups, or artists showing around their studios. Clinics aren’t too different in that manner. 

Introducing the general audience to the various instruments and tools kept and used in a clinic would attract a large audience. Showing around the most commonly used dental instruments and what they’re used for would equip the general public with what dentists usually use every time they visit and for what purpose.  

The concept of tour videos has been a game-changer in the art of content creation and promotion of businesses. While being very personal, they are also very persuasive and help attract the required market by being a memorable marketing token.

Clinic Tour Videos

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3. Informative Blog Posts

Finding it hard to procure a good topic that is both interesting and increases customer engagement?

Starting a blog is a great way to attract new customers to your dental business through organic search. 

With blogging, you’ll be able to provide your customers with increased added value while boosting your online presence and helping you rank on search engines.

To start with dental marketing, you should begin by researching your audience. Know which population segments comprise most of your customers, and then create a content writing strategy specifically for them.

Alternatively, you can avoid all this by simply reaching out to a digital marketing agency one that understands your business’s domain and using their expertise to enhance your content strategy. 

Well-written, high-ranking, SEO-optimized articles that match search intent are a great place to start. Consistency is key. Aim to create informative content that is both valuable and relevant.

Dental content marketing ideas - informative blog post

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4. Responsive Website

In today’s modern era having a website is quintessential to achieving your maximum growth rate. Nowadays, people are empowered to search, review, and verify their options thoroughly online before making a decision. Therefore, making your website stand out is now more important than ever before!

When it comes to dental marketing, your dentist’s business website should be optimized with the requirements of your audience in mind. Not only should it provide your target audience with relevant information, but it should also offer a streamlined option for online appointment bookings. Such features will help your dentist business flourish in an online setting! 

After all, the last thing you’d want is to deter customers with a painstakingly slow appointment booking system or a cluttered website.

Responsive Website

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5. Encourage Word-of-Mouth Referrals

Never underestimate the power of word-of-mouth advertising. Typical advertisements are great for dental marketing, but word-of-mouth referrals are very much slept on.

People tend to trust the word of others who’ve had firsthand experience- especially if the others include their friends or relatives who happen to be one of your patients.

While word-of-mouth is primarily free, it wouldn’t hurt to offer incentives to patients who do recommend your practice to friends and family. Give patients who refer your dental business to others discounts, freebies, and gift cards for every successful referral. This will make your current patients more inclined toward referring your business to their associates.

Dental content marketing ideas - customer reviews

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6. Youtube Ads

Youtube Ads are a form of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. While unskippable ads may be a bother for most all Youtube users, one can not deny that if they’re done right, they can be very memorable and always leave you curious about the product, even if you do end up skipping the ad.

Youtube Ads are a great way to attract leads in the short term by allowing you to easily target specific demographics that are more likely to purchase your service.


Ending Notes

With Desygner, you can create visual posts for social media, and create minimalistic logos with a small footprint to improve your website’s responsiveness. When it comes to marketing, Desygner provides you with a one-stop solution for all your needs! 

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