Top 5 Hotel Marketing Trends Prompted by the Pandemic

Top 5 Hotel Marketing Trends Prompted by the Pandemic

Marketing is a crucial component of any service-oriented business, and hotels are no exception. An umbrella term referring to the various marketing strategies and techniques that are utilized, with hotel marketing, marketers aim to promote their business and leave a positive impression on customers.

Hotel marketing follows the same basic principle as marketing in general: attract as many customers as possible.

However, with the sudden onslaught of the pandemic, businesses were thrown in for a loop: tourism and social gatherings declined exponentially. 

Post-pandemic, marketers have changed their strategies and approaches to remain effective. Read on to learn more about these changes!

Top 5 Hotel Marketing Trends Prompted by Pandemic


Top 5 Hotel Marketing Tips:

1. Local Marketing 

Post-pandemic, many countries are still afraid to completely remove travel restrictions. The natural outcome? International tourism is on the decline.

Although international borders are starting to open again, traveling outside the country is not as convenient as before, owing to RTPCR tests, health certificates, etc.

Nonetheless, it is important to note that there are always two sides to the same coin as international tourism has decreased, domestic tourism has increased.

You can take advantage of this trend, employing hotel marketing to target a larger segment of domestic tourists. With localized marketing, your main Marketing Hub can create ready-to-market campaigns on a global, regional, and local level.

By creating regional assets such as validated localized templates, texts, images, and by adding restrictions, you can let anyone use your regional marketing assets with the guarantee that the design will remain on-brand. The net result? Reduced time to market, streamlined process, and cost-effective hotel marketing.

Localized Marketing Campaign

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2. Keeping Up With The Trends: Influencer Marketing & Augmented Reality

Keeping up with the trends is an essential part of surviving in the cutthroat hospitality business. The latest trends indicate that influencers promoting a specific brand or product can heavily influence potential customers.

Influencers tend to have established audiences, which may consist of a specific demographic, and their audience will, more often than not, respect their views.

You are bound to attract a larger portion of your targeted demographic by partnering with influencers to create video content, social media posts, written content, or other forms of online marketing.

When it comes to incorporating the latest technology into your hotel marketing campaign, nothing accomplishes this better than AR (Augmented Reality).

To describe it in a sentence, AR is quite similar to VR (Virtual Reality), but rather than entirely altering a user’s surroundings, it works by overlaying information onto real-world environments – such as through a smartphone or smartwatches. 

With AR, you can promote your hotel in new and attractive ways. From virtual tours to interactive wall maps in rooms, by interacting with potential customers, you’ll be better able to cater to their requirements and thus boost levels of customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.

Hotel Marketing Trends: Augmented Reality


3. Analyse Data to Find New Hotel Marketing Trends

The pandemic has put the entire world in a twist- and hotel marketing is no exception to this. It is more important than ever to use the information to make well-informed decisions, analyzing your website data and information from your property management system.

By doing so, you can identify which demographics are still interested in visiting your hotel and which market segments have become less likely to travel. Once you’ve realized the patterns hidden within your data, you’ll be better equipped to target the market segments with high growth potential, focusing on appealing to the demographics and adopting the most relevant hotel marketing trends.

Target the market segments with high growth potential


4. Video Marketing

Though video marketing may seem to have been present for ages, believe it or not, it’s still the most effective method of hotel marketing in the hospitality and travel industry.

With video advertisements and small video shoots, you can advertise a hotel and an experience. A relaxing, summertime getaway? Or perhaps a hidden winter resort? Maybe a beachside escape? You name it!

When marketing experiences, you’ll be better positioned to attract potential customers, especially in this post-pandemic situation, where people are dying for a change of pace to get rid of all their stress and troubles!

With Desygner’s full-scale DAM system for video assets and content creation, you can easily take advantage of the single platform solution to create social media content, store assets, distribute assets to local offices, and restrict design templates to ensure brand compliance. A piece of cake, isn’t it?

Video advertisements can advertise a hotel and an experience

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5. Flexible Cancellations

When it comes to customer service, you should remember that COVID has resulted in uncertainty: you can never be too sure when someone might cancel a reservation out of the blue.

Therefore, it’s important to be willing to accommodate such requests and be understanding of your customer’s needs and requirements. Demonstrating an understanding through a flexible cancellations policy can go a long way towards encouraging bookings in the first place and can also help you to avoid negative press.

Hotel Marketing: Flexible Cancellation Policy


Why is Hotel Marketing Important?

In the service-oriented market, competition is one of the single biggest challenges businesses must deal with. Hotel marketing is crucial, as it allows hotels to promote their property, highlight its unique features and ensure it stands out from rivals.

With hotel marketing, hotels can maintain- and even increase their customer base, maximizing the number of bookings they generate, hence the revenue they bring in.


Ending Notes

Use Desygner today to fully employ and utilize hotel marketing with its countless benefits. From localized marketing to its integrated DAM solutions, Desygner is a one-stop solution for all of your needs!

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