How to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile

Improve Linkedin Profile

Did you know that LinkedIn, the professional social network, has more than 500 million users worldwide? Do you need some help to boost your potential when looking for work?

If you are in the job search mode, do not miss these tips that will help you improve your LinkedIn profile.

Empower your LinkedIn profile with images

Show them who you are! LinkedIn allows you to add several visual elements on your profile page which welcomes visitors to see what you are about. Because of this feature, you can make a great impression or even differentiate yourself from other professionals.

First contact, the profile picture

The LinkedIn profile picture will be the first thing your visitors see even before clicking to enter your profile page.

That is why it is very important to put yourself in the shoes of a potential employer or client and ask yourself, what does your image convey?

Consider the following:

  • Use a quality image that makes you look your best and shows your face;
  • Show professionalism with the clothes you would wear to work;
  • Make sure the colours do not stand out too much but keep it elegant; and

Don’t forget to smile!

how to improve your linkedin profile

Make a difference with your LinkedIn banner

Take advantage of this space to differentiate yourself from the rest, but never forget to be subtle and above all, professional.

If you don’t have great design skills you can create your cover image by using Desygner’s templates for LinkedIn banners and edit them to your liking.

Depending on what you are looking for:

  • Use a banner promoting your business;
  • Add your contact information or any other useful information;
  • Use a LinkedIn banner that enhances your profile picture.

Linkedin profile    linkedin profile

The “Elevator Pitch”, entices your readers with just a few words!

The first section after your profile picture is the “About” section. It’s a small introduction to present of yourself.

Use this space to express what you are currently doing, some strengths about your personality or your goals.

See the “Top 10 influencers” in this person’s first line? Don’t you feel the need to know more?

How to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile

Work Experience – beyond the title and duration

You can do more than just listing your previous jobs and duration. Try highlighting the most specific and relevant tasks or skills. Show that you know what you are talking about!

For example, Ana Fragua’s LinkedIn profile contains her work experience with the duration and also a brief relevant description with additional links with more information about it.

Ana also mentions the volunteering work she did, highlighting the relevant tasks that are sure to have helped her get where she is now.

Education – you didn’t spend all these years studying at all

This section is where we include all the qualifications obtained throughout your life. But you should focus on those that are relevant to the position you aspiring to.

As previously mentioned, don’t limit yourself to just the basics such as the name of the course and date. Take advantage and be different. Add extra information that is of more interest to highlight your qualifications.

For example:

  • Degree in Marketing at the European University of Madrid (2005 – 2009)
  • Honours in the Final Degree Project (TFG)
  • Created my own website:
  • Intensive English course at the English Language Center in Sydney (Sep 2004 – May 2005) 8.5 at IELTS
    • 6 months living in Australia.

References – don’t be shy and just ask for them

Just as you choose a hotel depending on their opinions, employers are also interested in knowing what others think about you.

It can be an opinion from your former boss, a former university professor or even co-workers. These references will give strength to your profile. Ask your contacts to leave an opinion about you!

Groups, Blog and social network

LinkedIn is a social media network like Facebook or Twitter with the big difference being that it is focused on work and professional profiles.

“If you know exactly what you want to be, you need to spend the most amount of time with those people who have actually already arrived there.” – Gary Vaynechuck.

Let the world know that you are there and above all, connect, connect and connect!

  • Connect with people who inspire you or can bring you some benefit;
  • Join Groups related to your career to meet people and make yourself known;
  • Share posts on interesting topics; and
  • If you like to write, write articles on interesting topics.

improve your linkedin

The perfect LinkedIn profile does not exist

Be careful with your topics!

You have probably seen a multitude of examples of profiles that have achieved success, but you could use the same system in your profile and never find a job. Everyone is different with their strengths and weaknesses and their differences and similarities.

To create a professional CV or resume, you must create a list of the most relevant information for your career and even some interests and hobbies. Take advantage of the flexibility that LinkedIn provides to organize all that information in a very simple way.

Find fantastic CVs and resume templates in Desygner and learn how to create an online resume like a professional.

How to make a resume online with Desygner



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