How To Use Desygner? We all have to start somewhere!

Desygner is your go-to solution for creating visual content, as it offers numerous tools to create or design images for your business or personal projects. You can start from a blank template, set your own dimensions or start by choosing a professionally designed template.

Desygner is a user-friendly tool that doesn’t require previous design know-how. Once you start using it, you’ll see how simple it is to make wonderful designs in a matter of minutes.

Desygner Web & App

All you need is the Desygner editor and your creativity!

Desygner features an online editor where you can design from your computer or cell phone.

Once you’ve created a free account in Desygner, you’ll have access to your profile where you can create unlimited projects and organize them as you like.

In your free Desygner account, you can see all your projects and designs:

  • From your computer: using any web browser, or
  • From your cell phone: by downloading the Desygner app at any time.

“You only need an internet connection to be able to edit wherever and whenever you want”
Desygner App for iOS o Desygner for Android.

Desygner UI

Designing on Desygner

In Desygner, you can add the following features to your designs:

  • Text: you can choose among thousands of free fonts.
  • Images: you can add your own images or choose among thousands of professional images from our comprehensive gallery.
  • Icons: you can add or choose icons from our large collection to decorate your design.
  • Shapes: you can use figures such as squares, circles, hearts, etc.
  • You can create images with a transparent background.
  • Once finished, you can resize your design to other dimensions.

how to use desygner


Desygner Templates

Desygner has thousands of pre-made templates for your projects. You don’t need high-level design knowledge, as these templates are extremely easy to edit.

All templates are created using specific dimensions that are regularly updated for every design category, so you won’t have to worry about making one.

You can find templates for:

Free Templates

If you like a template but it’s not customized enough for your business or your needs, don’t fret!

All templates can be edited in their entirety, so you can change text, images, colors or icons and customize the template according to your needs.

how to use desygner

Free Content

With a free Desygner account, you’ll have access to a comprehensive editor both on the web and in the app. In addition, you’ll get access to a huge amount of free material that you can edit or copy to help create your designs.

In this way, you won’t waste time looking for resources or worrying about copyright violations.

Common Question: 

Download, Print or Share

Once you’ve finished your design, it’s time to show it to the world.

You can download your designs for printing by using different files types, including Jpg, Pdf, Png or by sharing directly to social media, via email, Whatsapp and much more.

Scheduling Posts

That’s not all!

The Desygner iOS & Android Apps come with an inbuilt Social Media Scheduler available for all Premium Subscribers! Start sharing your designs straight to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest & more.

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Learn the ins and outs of Desygner

We all have to start somewhere!

Desygner is a user-friendly design tool for non-designers. We’ll help you get to know our tool with the following first steps.

In addition, our talented team works constantly on our Blog to create content, ideas or interesting trends to help with your designs or business strategy. You’re sure to find an article that will give you fresh ideas or help improve your skills.

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