How to Create a Christmas Card Online

When you strike all the right emotional chords with a Christmas card, it means a lot to the recipient. And who doesn’t love it when their card gets stuck up on the fridge because it’s such a winner?

With that in mind, you’ve decided to design personalized Christmas cards this holiday season.

1. Free Christmas card templates that’ll ring in the holiday cheer

The process of making personalized Christmas card begins with choosing from an array of eye-catching templates that’ll help you express those warm holiday feelings.

Desygner’s templates give you a clear visual platform to see what your festive concept will look like when it’s brought to life.

Or if you want artistic freedom, it’s also possible to choose a blank template.

Choose from a selection of Christmas card templates on Desygner


2. Choose from text that’ll tell a beautiful Christmas message

On a Christmas card, the text is one of the most important parts. You want your specific and personal message to be emphasized by letters that jump off the page and engage the friend or loved one that’s receiving your card.

Edit and add text on the canvas:

1. Double click the text you’re aiming to edit
2. Then, you can click on the “edit text” icon—it’ll be located at the lower bar on the screen
3. Type in your desired message

Christmas fonts will offer that festive feel

You really want your font to reflect the mood you’re trying to get from your Christmas card. The font you choose must be easily readable and pleasing to the eye so that it makes your card as memorable as any gift. The theme of the card should be consistent when it comes to the font as well– don’t use more than 1-2 fonts for one card.

Conveniently, Desygner has the following fonts that are ideal for the holiday season:

  • Cherry Swash
  • Great Vibes
  • Princess Sofia
  • Qwigley
  • Pacifico

Furthermore, it’s necessary to ensure the color of your text balances out the background, making it easy to read.

Here’s how you can switch text colors:

1. Select the appropriate text
In the toolbar that’s displayed on the bottom of the screen, click on “Change Color”
3. Choose the color the compliments your design

beautiful fonts pairs

3. Add Christmas card images that warm the heart

Now that you have your text managed and planned out, you must continue making the card visually pleasing with an image the further enhances your message. The perfect image can really warm the heart of the card recipient, to the point that they might never stop thanking you for your thoughtfulness. 

Pretty Christmas backgrounds

In Desygner’s free image library, you’ll hit the jackpot when you’re looking for breathtaking Christmas-themed visuals.

Here’s how to access our holiday-themed images:

1. Select the default background image
Click on “Images” in the menu
3. There’s a tab that says “Stock” where you’ll type, “Christmas”
4. Choose, then drag and drop your favorite image
5. Choose your preferred image, then drag-and-drop onto the template to replace the default image

Add your own Christmas images

Christmas is a special enough time of the year that even Desygner’s robust image bank might not provide the exact personal touch you’re looking for. In which case, you can upload your own image by following these steps:

1. Click on “Images”, which can be found in the main menu located at the top of the app
2. Select your preferred personal image from your device

Christmas card images

4. Make your Christmas card unforgettable with creative Christmas icons

Icons can add a bit more visual flair to your Christmas card. Of course, you don’t have to add one, but it’s another way to bring even more of a personal touch to your holiday keepsake.

Here’s how you can add those quirky icons to your templated Christmas card on Desygner:

1. Visit the main menu, then click on “Elements”
2. Select the “Parties” category
3. Type in “Christmas” to the search field
4. Choose your preferred Christmas icon

Search for Christmas icons

5. Bringing your Christmas card to life with print

There’s nothing quite like the handheld feel of a printed card. Here’s how you can get your Christmas card from the template on Desygner into one of those preferred file types discussed below:

Downloading your card onto your preferred device

First and foremost, your Christmas card took a lot of thought so you want to make it look as beautiful as possible. That’s only going to happen if you print it in high resolution. We recommend using PNG for best download quality, though JPEGs also provide decent quality.

Here’s how you can download the image:

1. At the top of the editor, click the arrow that’s pointing downward
2. Select the design that you like the most
3. Select your preferred format

Print your Christmas card like a pro

For your card to look its holiday best, seek out a state-of-the-art printer. Beyond that, you can further customize the card with specialized paper such as:

  • Board Paper: This paper is quite formal and is best known for its rough, high-quality texture
  • Adhesive Paper: This choice makes it easier to stick your card to the gift
  • Coated Paper: Gives cards a glossy sheen


Get involved

What other things do you think should be added to a great Christmas card? We want to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

We know you’ll make an amazing Christmas card. Share your holiday creations with us in the comments below or on social media using #IamTheDesygner. We’d love to see what you’ve made.

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