DAM for Tourism: Why Travel Visuals Need a Management Solution

DAM for Tourism: Why Travel Visuals Need a Management Solution

With individuals reshuffling spending and increasing travel and tourism rates, travel agencies need to take advantage of newer, more effective marketing strategies.

In recent times, marketing has moved from traditional advertising to more engaging and visual forms of marketing. Social media, websites, and even ads require visuals.

Visuals are essential to the human mind. It affects decision-making. People love seeing pictures of clothes, shoes, and cars before purchasing them. It’s the same for travel agencies. Consumers want to live their travel experiences with their eyes before they live them in reality. 

Travel visuals are hence becoming as important as the tourism centers themselves. 

Tourism has evolved over the years. People have higher expectations, and to meet this need, tourism experts have to figure out how best to present their visuals–-images, documents, videos, brand identity, and guidelines. These visuals are not just content materials but assets worth as much as the business. Hence the need to organize and secure these assets.

Digital asset management (DAM) helps you organize, secure, and share your digital assets efficiently in a centralized location. DAM brings harmony to your brands’ media. It simply gets all your digital assets in one place. 

This article will explore the importance of a digital asset management solution in the travel and tourism industry.

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What is a Digital Asset Management Solution?

Digital Asset Management (DAM) software is a management system that provides a centralized online platform to design, store, organize and share digital assets.

The software allows users to organize, control, and share their photos, videos, documents, and other digital assets from a single, centralized platform. This ensures control of assets and provides the required security and consistent optimization of your digital assets.

As you desire to grow your travel business, acquiring more digital assets is primary. The more digital assets you acquire, the more content you have. This results in a need for a system that organizes these assets.


Importance of Digital Assets in Marketing Tourism

  1. Digital assets are essential in tourism content marketing
  2. Digital assets enable visual storytelling and connect better with the ideal audience.
  3. Digital assets convey brand identity and personality.
  4. Tourism depends on digital assets to market destinations and influence customer choices.
  5. Digital assets boost brand awareness and enhance visibility. 

Companies need to manage their digital assets in a DAM solution for valuable digital asset management.

Digital Assets in Marketing Tourism

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Reasons Why Travel Visuals Need a Management Solution

  1. A digital management solution provides a centralized medium for easy organization of digital assets. Digital assets are made accessible and easier to preserve.
  2. Travel visuals need to organize their digital assets to be easily accessed and used. A good management solution puts you in control of your digital assets. As you create or acquire them, you can effortlessly manage and store them. 
  3. As your travel business grows, you have more digital assets to manage. Spending time and energy looking for every file isn’t a pleasant experience. You can avoid that by using a DAM solution.
  4. Companies use data asset management software or solutions to avoid losing track of essential files. DAMs help you put data in one place, averting possibilities of loss or errors. Digital asset management solutions provide simpler data management.
  5. DAM software helps to ensure brand consistency and cohesiveness. With the increased need for branding, especially among service brands, DAM enables you to achieve a cohesive brand identity across all media platforms.
  6. When you properly manage digital assets–especially visuals– they are presented in the highest possible quality and resolution. This determines how engaging they appear to your viewers. 
  7. Getting insight on how to improve your digital assets and promote your brand image is easier when you properly manage existing assets. You get to save time and make work processes effortless and more efficient.

DAM for Travel Visuals

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Features of DAM that are Important to the Tourism Industry or Tourism Marketing.

  1. Easy migration of assets from an existing infrastructure to a DAM solution – The ease of data and digital asset transfer is essential in the tourism industry as it simplifies managing large amounts of digital assets.
  2. Effective Digital asset management – The DAM software can organize and manage digital content in a single location using a multi-library format.
  3. Search process – The search process for digital assets in DAM is efficient for easier search for images, keywords, and categories.
  4. Accessibility by team members and employees – With DAM, digital assets are simple and accessible for use for partners and teams to access both recent and former projects.
  5. Distribution – DAM makes it easy for digital assets to be shared irrespective of file size or category.
  6. Security of digital assets – Assets are secured from externals and made easily susceptible to recovery in case of loss.

Features of DAM that are Important to the Tourism Industry or Tourism Marketing

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Reasons or benefits to using a DAM for your Travel Visuals

  1. DAM ensures effortless distribution of branded assets to external partners (travel agencies, influencers, etc.) when required. 
  2.  Maximizes Asset Value. When assets are accessible to research or when needed, you derive more value from them. The value of an asset is its availability. When digital assets are accessible and ready to be used and reused, you maximize the value of your brand and boost your brand image. DAMs guarantee recent, and existing digital assets are available to their different locations and users.
  3. DAMs enable travel agencies to manage and share their digital assets from a central point. This improves teamwork flow regardless of team size, asset size, or location.
  4. Digital asset management software organizes digital assets to ensure users have access to only approved content. You take control of your company’s brand.
  5. DAMs create a great user experience. Travel agencies provide their customers with searchable and engaging content via different platforms, both online and offline. It ensures users have the required degree of permission to access current or existing digital assets.
  6. Suppose there are problems associated with organizing an enormous amount of digital content. In that case, you can use DAM to manipulate, organize and share your digital assets and make them available when needed.



You have seen how important a management solution is for your travel business. You can use Desygner to achieve your management goals. Whether you want to build a formidable brand or work in a clutter-free virtual space, Desygner helps you live your dream and take your business to unassailable heights.

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