Vision Board Ideas to Manifest Your Goals – A Design That Works

Vision board ideas are a powerful reminder that combines your goals in a visual format. In our article, what is a vision board we talked about the purpose of visualizing your goals on a daily basis through images and text.

These vision board ideas will teach you how to make a practical design that will help you achieve your dreams.

Find Vision Board Images To Set Goals

After writing your goals and setting a reasonable time frame, it’s time to choose images.

This part allows your creative skills to fly. Keep in mind if you are picky about design, find images that match your aesthetic.


What Images Do I Put On A Vision Board?

Finding images that align with your goals all depends on associating visuals with feelings.

To help conjure your style:

  1. You can draw, then scan online. This is a great way to show off your creative outlet and expand your imagination.
    For example, if your vision board idea is to read more: Draw book covers you aspire to read or relaxation tools such as candles and pillows to project calmness.
  2. Use your own Images. This is a perfect personal touch that makes it original for you. Images can be uploaded and added to your vision board effortlessly.
    For example: If you want to work out, take images of your progress, food or recipes you have prepared, and gym outfits you loved working out in!
  3. Use Desygner’s Stock Images. This is the easiest way to clearly convey bigger dreams. For example:
    • Travel: Bucket list of countries you want to visit, Landmarks, Culture: Languages, food, traditional clothing.
    • Dream job: List of qualifications you need, Work Outfits, Quotes, Office Spaces.
    • Save the environment: Animals, Composting, Recycling, Supporting sustainability

Vision Board Ideas_Images

Explore vision board templates


Style Fonts To Manifest Goals

Your vision board requires more than just images to give you a spark of inspiration and motivation throughout the day. Quotes are the perfect way to resonate with your feelings but the most important factor here is finding the suitable font to enhance your vision of manifestation.


1. Choose the right fonts to suit you.

Fonts convey different tones to represent your emotions. This will determine if your vision board is serious, fun or minimalistic. For example, if your vision board conveys your dream job you would aim for a geometric, modern font that represents simplicity and cleanliness.

Vision Board Ideas_1


2. Embrace Contrast. Contrasting.

Fonts allow your eye to easily scan your vision board for the most important parts. Good visuals can be done through bold fonts that pair well with neutral typefaces. This can be done through font size, spacing and weight. Remember balance is important.


Vision Board Ideas_2

Explore vision board templates


3. Don’t overdo fonts!

An example of bad use of fonts shown on the left would make your vision board look confusing and challenging to read. How can you manifest your goals if your board looks unorganised? Aim for the right! 

Vision Board Ideas_3


4. Remember readability is the most important thing in design

If you are unsure about what font to use, we recommend using font families that come from Serif and Sans Serif as they are a simple combo that work well. They compliment each other and are both easy on the eyes.

free fonts

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Vision Board Examples – Layout

The best thing about templates is that you can position and drag images with the potential to rearrange text to suit your aesthetic. This is where layout becomes important. Here are ideas on how to style your images:

1. Mix Images with Textures.

Use elements online that have transparent texture images such as: rope, rocks, wood, plants to creatively collage design. Alternatively, you can simply search Icons and Shapes.

Vision Board Ideas_1a


2. Create a modern look.

Grid design can be styled as an out-of-the-box approach where images and text are overlapping other elements in a grid system. This allows you to play with the image positioning.

Vision Board Ideas_2a

Explore vision board templates


3. Contrast images to make the text bolder.

This is the strongest way to make your text stand out from the rest. Show off beautiful typography as you fade images. You can also use color to make your text pop even more.

Vision Board Ideas_3a

Vision Board Templates


Placement of Vision Board

Do you want one board or multiple? Some people want several small boards in categories whilst others prefer one large board that represents everything they dream of.

The best way to place your vision board is in a confronting place that will be in constant eyesight. This could be your nightstand next to your bed, on your door or next to your mirror.

Leaving it in an open position allows you to see it each day to reaffirm your dreams and internalize your goals.

Vision Board Ideas Placement


Law Of Attraction

Remember that you are collecting images and words to reflect your goals. It is important to look at your dream board often and feel inspired every time you look at it.
Read your daily affirmations and inspirational words aloud every day. Manifest!

  • Picture yourself where you want to be, now work towards it. Your future self is waiting for you.
  • Appreciate all the good that is already present in your life.
  • Acknowledge the goals you have already achieved.


Show Off Your Vision Board Ideas Now!

The best thing about creating your vision board online is that it offers room for growth and can be easily updated. Stay inspired by editing your vision board at any time with Desygner! Click the button below to make the best vision board online.

Not to mention, printing is available!

Comment below your favorite quote a vision board must-have.


How to Make a Vision Board


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