What To Write In A Birthday Card

Adding a birthday message after making your Birthday Card is the perfect way to make someone feel amazing on their special day!

Don’t know what to write on a birthday card? We have provided sincere birthday wishes you can use to suit anyone.

Celebrate your favourite people by putting in that extra effort to show your appreciation.


What To Write In A Birthday Card For A Friend

It is important to stay true and genuine when thinking of what to write on a birthday card. True friendship allows you to embrace your absolute self. Remind your friend how much you appreciate them on their birthday and everyday after and showcase your dearest message for them in an interactive digital flipbook.

  • Thinking of you on your birthday and wishing you everything good in this world.
  • Enjoy your special day. Have the best birthday ever!
  • Hope this new year will bring you lots of happiness, love, and fun. You deserve it all! Enjoy every moment!
  • A special day for a special person. Look forward to seeing you later!

What To Write In A Birthday Card For A Friend

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What To Write In A Birthday Card Funny

Make them laugh on their birthday because the best present you can give someone is laughter!

  • Happy birthday!! I can actually remember the date without a Facebook reminder.
  • Forget about the past, you can’t change it! Forget about the future, you can’t predict it! Forget about the present, I didn’t get you one!
  • Happy birthday! If there was a zombie apocalypse, I’d rescue you!

What To Write In A Birthday Card

Handpick one of these birthday messages and use Desygner’s fun and shareable Birthday Card Templates!


Birthday Wishes For Children

Sending a heartfelt birthday card for your child can make a big difference on their day.

  • Watching you grow up has been such a treat. I am so proud of you.
  • I wish you love, laughter and happiness to make your birthday a great one to remember!
  • May this year be filled with plenty of fun and sweet memories to cherish forever. Happy birthday lovely!
  • Today is the beginning of another wonderful year for you. Happy birthday!
  • It’s time for cake and a lot of fun! Happy birthday!
  • Happy birthday my little or not so little favourite! Thanks for being you, and for all the memories we have. Without you my world would be colourless.

What To Write in a Birthday Card

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Birthday Wishes For Mom

You’ll want to do everything you can to make her day extra memorable. She is dear to your heart so make her feel special as she turns another year older.

  • I hope you get to do something fun to celebrate, and the day is filled with all your favourite guilty pleasures!
  • You are the most beautiful, loving, caring, and amazing woman I know. I wish you the happiest birthday today.
  • I wish you the best birthday and hope that this important occasion finds you happy and well!
  • A birthday is just the first day of another 365-day journey. Enjoy life and embrace the trip!

What To Write In A Birthday Card


Birthday Wishes For Dad

Think about your favourite memory with them, what they mean to you and what they’ve done for you. These memories are what make each relationship unique and important.

  • Don’t count the years or the candles, count all the memories! Happy birthday!
  • Don’t worry about getting old, you’re getting better like fine wine. Here’s to many more birthdays dad!
  • Dad, you are my role model, hero, and best friend. I love you so much!
  • I still admire you every single day. Happy birthday to the best dad in the world!

What To Write In A Birthday Card


Use This Template


Birthday Wishes For Partner

Life tip: Don’t forget your partner’s birthday! An important person in your life is having a birthday, so you must write something to encompass how much they mean to you. It’s the little things that matter. Choose the one that feels best.

  • Have a fantastic birthday – let’s light the candles, fill our glasses to the max, and celebrate this special day of your life! All my love xxx
  • Life is boring when you’re not around. Happy birthday to you – let’s make it grand!
  • You mean the world to me. I hope you have the best day.
  • You deserve the world and more. Happy birthday, my love!

What to Write in a Birthday Card

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Birthday Wishes For Sibling

Through thick and thin. Celebrating your sibling means finding the right message to show you care is important.

  • Know that you always deserve the best and nothing less! I hope your birthday will be as fantastic and fun as you are. Happy birthday!
  • To my best friend in the world – cheers to you! Thanks for always being so supportive and loving.
  • I love everything we share and I can’t wait to steal more of your clothes! Happy Birthday!

What To Write in a Birthday Card

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Belated Happy Birthday Wishes

Whoops! Don’t Stress. It’s not too late to make it up to them by quickly making a Birthday Card online!

  • I know that I am sending this message a little late, but that does not mean you do not mean the world to me! Happy belated.
  • I am wishing you a very happy birthday….fashionably late of course!
  • If I blame my phone dying on not checking Facebook for Birthday reminders, would you unfriend me? Happy Birthday!

What To Write in a Birthday Card


How to Create your own Birthday Card

Now you know exactly what to write in a birthday card!

Thanks to the Desygner online card maker, designing amazing birthday cards is super easy. Make this birthday a special one by celebrating it with a handpicked birthday message to go with images, icons, and more – just as they deserve!

How To Write in a Birthday Card

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