Wattpad Cover Ideas To Perfectly Match Your Theme

Utilising Wattpad Cover ideas in your design technique will allow readers to understand what genre they expect to read.

If you refrain from implementing these Wattpad cover ideas, your story could end up with the wrong readers.

You already know the basics on Making a Wattpad Cover so let’s go more in depth and understand how readers respond to layout and typography. This is vital against competition, your Wattpad cover is the best marketing tool!


Wattpad book cover image ideas and inspiration

Images create engaging questions for readers that promote deep thinking and prompt discussions. You must decide which image best fits your Wattpad theme.
Ask yourself these questions:

  • Does the image best reflect the conflict in my story?
  • Does the image best represent the protagonist in my story?

This will help connect readers to your Wattpad story.

1. Your first stop for inspiration can be other stories in your genre.

Take a look at the most popular stories on Wattpad in your chosen category. You will notice these visual styles are similar as they communicate to their audience what the story will be about.

For Example: Fantasy & Sci-Fi Cover; space travel, mythical creatures, natural landmarks, superpowers. This theme is often dramatic and action packed.

wattpad cover ideas images

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Wattpad Font: Styles to showcase genre

The most important aspect of a Wattpad Cover alongside images is the typography. Titles matter as it has the ability to connect with your target audience. Not giving the title critical attention is where most design covers fail.


  • Avoid using the same typeface for the title, author and tagline but don’t use more than 2.
  • Author name should not be larger than the title.
  • Heaviness of text depends on your theme.


Fantasy and Sci-Fi

It is popular for this theme to use all caps in the title. More classic, old-world looking serif fonts are in fantasy and modern, clean sans serif fonts in science fiction.

fonts Sci Fi and Fantasy


 Mystery and thriller

These covers are unique and the title needs to be the main geographical focus. Titles are able to set the mood and build tension with graphical elements. Blurred letters and offset letters can create a disorientated feeling due to movement in the typography.

fonts thriller

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Angular sans serif fonts

The harsh edges of this type of typography helps create an edgy feeling in the design. When serifs or softer fonts are used, it’s usually done so for a particular purpose.

fonts Edgy


Author’s Name

When it comes to the author’s name, use plain font as overdoing can make the cover look unappealing and crowded.

fonts author


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Pay Attention to Lighting

It is important to convey the mood of your Wattpad Cover by paying attention to lighting. Using effects in your photography such as shadows can help express levels of intensity. Different levels of lighting can make your cover look happy, mysterious or scary.


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Use The Color Green

 Green is considered the most restful and relaxing color for the human eye to view. It is associated with nature, growth and harmony. On the other hand, it can also represent ambition, greed and jealousy. This color is a good fit for high fantasy novels or environmental stories. 

color 2

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The Perfect Contrast of Blue and Amber

Blue can convey calmness, whilst amber is the contrast that represents the opposite. Seeing both these colours in clouds, fires and the sky are popular mood setting color schemes.

color 3

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Evoke Emotion with Red 

Red is an intense color that grabs attention quickly. A large number of mystery and thrillers use red because of its association with blood and danger! However, it can also represent passion, desire and love. Your Choice!

color 4

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Final Tips

It is best if your Wattpad cover has space to breathe. Remember, a spacious photo will allow room for the title and author’s name.

Of course, dedicate time to writing a good description about your Wattpad story. It should contain some interesting information about yourself as well as about the type of works you write, why you write them and which genre you most enjoy reading.

Do not forget to add links to your social channels!

If you are torn, test your Wattpad cover ideas with your audience beforehand. Use instagram polls and see which one has a better result!

How to Make a Wattpad Cover

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